Urban building practices
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The office of Dr. Giancarlo Marovelli provides consultancy services and technical real estate appraisals, drafting of land registry documents, coordination of construction site safety, civil and industrial renovations and maintenance, including technical services in various sectors of energy saving and healthy building assessment.


We also issu:


(Energy performance certificate)

construction and urban planning

  • Requesting and collecting planning permission certificates;
  • Assistance with building permits for new buildings;
  • SCIA for renovations, change of use;
  • Interior architecture;
  • CAD-assisted two- and three-dimensional design, rendering and simulations.1 Drafting and management of Projects, Specifications, Contracts; assistance in the qualification of Contractors. Management of works, proceeding to operational relations with the various companies, preparing the accounts, the progress reports, the comparative tables, the supplementary reports, liquidation and testing, tracking and operational assistance;
  • Drafting of safety plans DL. n.81 of 09.04.2008;
  • Drafting of technical reports, surveys;
  • Thermographic surveys;
  • Drafting of the energy certificate;
  • Advice and assessment on improving the energy performance of buildings.

enterprise area

The firm of Dr. Geom. Giancarlo Marovelli also deals, in the area of construction companies, with:

•   Renovation of old buildings
•   Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
•   Construction of residential buildings


  • Estimates and appraisals for loans and mortgage practices
  • Divisions
  • Technical assistance for deeds of sale, exchange, donations
  • Technical assistance in English
  • Party technical expertise
  • Successions
  • Mortgage viewings


  • Stacking reports
  • Land register changes
  • Planimetric variations
  • Docfa, Pregeo procedures
  • Land registry sections
  • Map types Reconfigurations
  • Listed plans
  • Topographical surveys

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