Studio Tecnico
dott. geom. Marovelli
• Barga (Lu) •

the study

The studio of Dr. Giancarlo Marovelli, based in Barga in the province of Lucca, is a renowned technical office specialising in the field of building restoration, renovation and new construction and in "healthy building assessments" and "radom gas detection in buildings".

To request a personalised consultation you can contact the studio by telephone on 0583.724464 or by e-mail at the following addresses: - -


the works

Interior renovations, excavations, restoration of facades...


Urban planning practices, energy certifications, topographical surveys...

the word from the experts

Contact us for info, quotes and inspections without obligation:


Tel: 0583 724464 - 347 0036301



The technical office is open at the following times:


09.00/12.00 e 15.00/18.00

Saturday and Sunday closed

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